Fit Health into Life | Healthy Eating
Fit Health into Life | Healthy Eating

Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster and learn the most effective way to reach and sustain a healthy weight? Diets don’t work. Research shows that most people who lose weight on diets regain the weight over time. Diets are ineffective because they do not focus on changes you can live with for the rest of your life. How can a diet possibly be maintainable if it does not consider the foods you like, the foods you don’t like, or your daily schedule? Not only are diets unhelpful, they can also be harmful. Restrictive diets often lead to fatigue, dehydration, constipation, mood swings, food cravings, and nutrient deficiencies. Also, when you take in too few calories, your metabolism responds by slowing down. As a result, weight gain occurs very quickly once you go off the diet.

How will Fit Health into Life’s non-diet approach enable you to achieve and sustain a healthy weight for the rest of your life? You'll spend three days with a registered dietitian, engaging in activities designed to reframe your thoughts and transform the way you approach and experience food. For example:

• While eating, you’ll be asked to place your silverware down between bites of food. Sound simple? Try it. (The rule is: You must place your fork, spoon, and/or knife down between every single bite of food, and you cannot re-equip until every tiny shred of food has been chewed and swallowed.) Practicing mindful eating helps you recognize feelings of hunger and fullness, affords you a greater understanding of appropriate portion size, and forces you to acknowledge and evaluate your current unhealthy habits.

• Well before entering a restaurant, you will be asked to peruse its menu and identify the options that sound most appealing. Having enjoyed a small healthy snack (You make the best decisions when your blood sugar is stable and steady, so don't wait until you are ravenous!), you’ll be able to consider the nutritional value of the dishes. After discussing the various options, you’ll either know exactly what you’re planning to order, or you’ll be primed with valuable questions whose answers will help you size up several menu options. The best decisions consider both personal satisfaction and nutritional value. So, you might opt for larger portion of a nutrient-dense item or a reduced portion of an energy-dense item.

• Having enjoyed a small, healthful snack before dinner in the restaurant, you’ll be prepared to make a rational decision when the bread basket arrives at the table. First, you’ll take note of the quality of the bread. Is it hot, fresh, homemade, or whole grain? Or, is it white and stale? If you choose to eat a piece of bread, will you enjoy the experience of eating it? Or will you shovel it in while you’re talking and waiting for your food to arrive? Are you willing to substitute a piece of bread for a portion of the starch (rice, pasta, potato, rice, corn, etc.) in your meal? Armed with these type of questions, you’ll be able to make excellent decisions every time you are faced with a basket of bread or chips.

• While touring a local supermarket, you’ll discover the benefits of advance meal planning, you’ll have an opportunity to scrutinize the products you typically buy, and you’ll learn to distinguish the facts from the marketing hype. The experience will provide you with valuable criteria for evaluating products so you'll be prepared to make informed decisions.

• You will tackle any and all unhealthy food habits you currently have. Do you skip meals? Do you have a tendency to clean your plate regardless of how much food is on it? Do you eat quickly? Do you typically eat in front of the television? Do you eat (popcorn, snacks, or dinner) in movie theaters? Do you eat out of large containers, bags, or boxes? Do you eat while standing up in front of the refrigerator? Do you crave sweets all day long? Do you forget to drink water? Our private program will address your current habits and give you the tools you need to replace them with healthy practices.

For three days, while you're exercising and eating, your own private registered dietitian will gather information about your current eating habits, your food preferences, your physical activity level, and your daily schedule. Understanding your current habits will allow her to help you create a personal take-home food plan that is realistic, practical, and maintainable. The plan will meet your nutritional needs, leave you feeling energized, prevent you from overeating, and help you ward off disease. It will focus on gradual dietary modifications that will be significant enough to transform the way you look and feel over time. Fit Health into Life is not a program that you are "on" and then "off." We are committed to helping you achieve and sustain a happy, healthy body for the rest of your life!